Hello everyone,

My name is Steph and I am currently undertaking classes online for an associate's in IT Comp Programming.. I have a 2 year old so not a lot of time to concentrate during the day. I fully intend to continue on to a bachelor's in the same area. However, I noticed I do much better with assistance, even if it is just a point in the right direction. I am hoping to better figure out Java coding because as far as my life is concerned, I am about a day or two behind class, and as such, I have not been able to turn in a program on time since my two-line text print program. It is 4 am now, so I will be going to bed after I post this. I could use some help with an inventory program that was due three hours ago later today (tomorrow?) but I won't post it here. I would rather enjoy learning the ins and outs to Java so that in the future I might be able to help others here, and other languages in their respective forums as I learn those. I like to pay it forward. Thanks for future help/advice that people will answer, I know my self-esteem will appreciate it!!



Hello welcome dear . Welcome to the forum feel free to post.