Has anyone tried Visual Studio 11 Beta?

I tried last time but it caused problems with Expression Blend so it was uninstall, Who has tried it, and is it jut like Visual Studio 2010?

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I liked it it seems more stable and less memory-hungry than 2010 (Which is good seeing as how 2010 was far less stable than 2008). The XAML editor is particuarly improved.

I also prefer the new colour scheme and syntax highlighter. Intellisense much improved.

The downside is they are dropping "out of the box" XP support as a target!) for C apps, by using the new runtime. The other downside is that its going to very pricey to do yearly upgrades for me, seeing as im not going to be a student anymore. For me, im unsure if its worth upgrading.

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What's the download size?

it's around 1GB I think. You will download the Visual Studio Installer which is 1MB that will get the files first then install. It will download in "junks"


Will be far more than 1gb, no?. The beta is ultimnate edition. My download of 2010 premium was still like 4gb.


I don't think it's 4GB, I downloaded it in one day! So must be less.


I might get it from Dreamspark when it releases there, they should provide the professional version to us!


They do? - And you can get ultimate on MSDN AA.

Im still stuck with 2005/2008 for some things (Targeting winCE).


Yes jbennet STUDENTS get the professional edition free from Dreamspark. However I don't think it is going to come out until the final release. After the beta that is. I got the professional edition, and Expression Studio ultimate all for free! :D

On top of that, I am so lucky that I can actually sell 100 aps for free in the Windows Phone Market (free registration as well), but that's only if I put my head down and make something!

I have registered but have not released anything.

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