Hi folks,

Spring 2012 anime is just around the corner! The chart stating the names of the anime to be aired along with their tentative dates can be found at: http://atxpieces.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/spring-v3/

I would definitely be watching the below:

  1. Zetman
  2. Accel World
  3. Eureka 7 : Astral Ocean
  4. Fate Zero II (Hell yeah!)
  5. Jormungand
  6. Kimi To Boku 2 (An exceptional slice of life anime)

If you are planning to watch this season, what's on your list? :)

After watching the first episode, Acchi Kocchi looks promising. I was kind of annoyed when Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou ended, so woot!

Update after 4 episodes: Acchi Kocchi and Sankarea are both quite good so far.

Gah, my bad for forgetting about this thread. Really nice to see another Daniweb member who is an anime fan. As a welcome gift to my virtual Daniweb anime club, I award you a new nick -- "decepti-kun". Hope you like that because I'll be using that to address you. :P

Anyways, here is the breakdown of my impressions about the current ongoing season:

  • Fate/Zero 2: Visually stunning anime with a nice story and very polished action sequences. Must recommended for those who saw the previous installation of Fate/Zero or someone who is into "fantasy" action anime. An awesome watch.
  • Kimi To Boku 2: Sequel to the original slice of life/school anime Kimi to Boku. As always, the pacing is pretty slow and might be downright boring for some. But it personally suits my taste as it's a soothing school anime with a bit of humour thrown in. A good watch.
  • Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: Nothing exceptional but the occassional humour makes this a watchable anime. An OK watch.
  • Tsuritama: A fishing anime; yup, you heard that right, a fishing anime with a bunch of aliens involved. The story is surprisingly good and different from the other stock anime out there. The suspense as to why the aliens have grabbed hold of our protagonist still remains. A good watch.
  • Lupin the Third - Mine Fujiko: Sex, action and adventure; this anime has it all. I haven't seen the older Lupin series but this anime with its unique art has captivated me. A good watch.
  • Sakamichi no Apollon: Beck + Honey and Clover, 'nuff said. A very polished and detailed anime with a lot of attention to details. Beatiful visuals and a captivating story. A must watch I must say!
  • Kore wa Zombie Desu ka Of the dead: The sequel to 'Kore wa zombie' series. A good watch for those who have already seen the first series and who want a bit of funny fan service.
  • Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Another school anime with a guy who can see ghost of a girl. Cool visuals and a good story with a bit of fan service.
  • Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan: An anime about a guy "Rick" who makes the awesomest "bread"....
  • Jormungand: Black Lagoon revisited. Must watch for those who like guns, chicks with guns and a dark story. A pretty good watch.
  • Kuroko's Basketball: A basketball anime which is pretty much the "Naruto" of the sports anime out there. A very interesting execution with a captivating storyline, this anime can be equated to a basketball RPG and a good one at that. Must watch.
  • Medaka Box: Student council + fan service + random action + sudden preachings. An OK anime, good for one time watch.
  • Nazo no Kanojo X: A strange anime, reading the MAL overview should be enough of a WTF. I still haven't given up on this.
  • Hyoka: Another visually stunning and mystery anime. The mysteries are nothing exceptional but the execution and art is a win. A must try IMO.
  • Zetman: A pure action anime made after the popular Zetman manga. An interesting watch for those into superpower/mutant stuff though I have heard that the anime adaptation pales in comparison to the manga...
  • Sankarea: "I can haz zombie girlfriend?" Possibly the first anime to introduce the concept of a zombie girlfriend with beautiful art and near perfect execution. Must watch!
  • Accel World: Pretty much a RPG in virual world which has a rotund protagonist. This show has a good concept but isn't perfect. A decent watch I would say.
  • Space Brothers: A surprisingly good anime which would pretty much never appeal to anyone on first look. It has a very good dose of laughs with a very real world-like premise. Must watch for slice of life fans.
  • EUREKA SEVEN AO: The second installment of the famous "Eureka Seven" series which showcases Renton's son as a protagonist. A good watch for the original series fans.
  • Sengoku Collection: Cute girls from a distant past doing cute things? Pass.
  • Natsuiro Kiseki: A bit too girly for my taste, pass.
  • Upotte!!: An academy which has "guns" as students solely made for the purpose of fanservice? Pass.
  • Acchi Kocchi: A anime with good ratings which for some reason didn't click for me. Any "comedy" anime which makes me yawn isn't really worth my time unfortunately; pass.
  • Saint Seiya Omega: Part of the saint seiya series. Dated animation with a storyline which doesn't captivate. Dropped for the time being. Might pick this up again for completeness.

My personal must-watch picks for this season (depending on your tastes) would be: Fate Zero 2, Sakamichi No Apollon, Hyoka, Kuroko's Basketball, Space Brothers and Jormungand with Sakimichi No Apollon topping them all. You just can't not watch Sakimichi No Apollon; it's a masterpiece of an anime.

And that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed the short review of this season. ;)