Hi! I'm Mikai!
I'm an IT student and I'm kinda new here, so please take care of me!
Thanks! ;)

I'm not sure about the take care part but welcome to DaniWeb!
And no, this is not really necessary but I'm glad you decided to do it.

Howdy and welcome to DaniWeb. We're glad to have you.
Some things to remember:

  • Be courteous to others.
  • Don't spam. (Though in the Geek's Lounge, it's becoming more of a "guideline." Even so, please, don't.)
  • Always use the Code tag in the Formatting Menu (up top) when you're posting code.
  • Asking for help on homework is totally cool IF you've done a sufficient amount of work yourself.
  • Posting the homework followed by "HELP ME PLEASE!!!" is less than cool.
  • Don't be less than cool.
  • Think before you down-vote, and, when you do, give a reason in the comment section.
  • When a question is solved, mark it as solved and thank the person who helped you.
  • Don't ressurect old old threads unless it's absolutely necessary (i.e. something really obscure that someone somewhere might need to know and you can't find a good answer to anywhere else.)
  • Be humble. I've written firmware for industrial machinery that gets exported to other countries on other continents. I still feel like a noob here.

Most importantly: have fun, and happy coding.

Hello to all members.

hello,I'm new here,glad to meet you.