if there will be sifficient "yes", then i will give a song to everybody of me to listen ;) just wana know how good other countries people like my song. ;)

You'd get better results just posting your music on YouTube.

My answer is the same to people who ask me, out of the blue and without prompting, if I want to see pictures of their kids, have a look at their new car, read some of their poetry or learn about their one true god:



wouldn't do it either. how am I to know there's nothing 'wrong' with the file (needs an extra codec, contains some unwanted code, ...)
for all we know it's a "mySong.mp3.exe", that will show as "mySong.mp3" if the user has it's OS set up not to show the extension of a file, and an icon is easy enough to set.

To be fair it is less likely to malware and more likely to be a pain in the ear :)

depends on how you define malware: if that's something in the line of: a certain number of bytes of data on your disk, performing, on it's own, or aided by an other application, tasks that you do not want it to perform, then it could be considered malware if it's a pain in the ear :D

:-o i can say only one thing that i have won 3 shows in india which are of national level. So it's not pain of ear. And i didnt read what they both are talking about, but am not putting any spam or malware here as i knoe you all will recognize it in one go. So i cant even think of it. thirdly, if you don't want to listen my song , then even after that you have to listen. haahahaha...

fourthly, deceptikon, yes! i have uploaded my musics on youtube and they have very much good response in aonly one day ;) say yes, if you want to have a look ;)

say yes, if you want to have a look ;)

Just post the link. It's not like you have any reason to avoid that for a public YouTube vid.