I want to send string and save in different computer's database using c#
using Asynchronous Any body Plz Help me finding a Solution

What have you done so far? What specifically do you need help with?

Did you read any of the stickies or the posting rules?

My project is based on Converting a finger print image into string and send to different computers
i want both coversion and communication code ....Please help me bro

for starters... do this and then come back when you're stuck:

  • connect to fingerprint device through code
  • get stream of bytes from fingerprint device and serialize into string
  • send to other computers databases

i have coverted to string but i didnot know how to connect to other computer and send the string plz help me

search google for "connect to <enter your DB server here> from c#" (if you want to send the info to a DB). After actually failing on something come here with your problem.
Failing to start a project is not going to be answered here.

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