I shall do, my David Lloyd gym I go to has just started doing them so I shall debate if I wish to die a horrible death or not and maybe go to one!

It's deffo one of those things you need to do before you die. It's just you might die straight after a cross-fit sesh LOL.

Lol indeed, or just lose the contents of your stomach. That is the more likely outcome of one of those sessions :p

I've heard cross-fit is an absolute killer indeed.

It's funny you chose to use the word "killer". Crossfit is notorious for causing injuries. ;)

With the strain you put the body under during a session it's not supprising, not warming up properly would be a bit mistake !

@firstPerson, sorry I completely missed your post.

I'd be interested in reading that. PM me? ta

Decided to do Tough Mudder next year so looks like I'm going to have to do some faily intence training to get into shape for that !

Any suggestions ?