Hello everyone!

Quick survey, are you guys liking Visual Studio 2012?

Comment below and say why you are, or aren't enjoying it!

Yes, I like it, with the exception that Microsoft dropped support for Windows Forms in their CLR/C++ templates. Not sure if the compiler will compile it or not if you have a WF program started by an earlier version of the compiler/IDE.

Unfortunately I think it's a little slow starting up; they need to work on that.

Indeed, it takes some time to load things up, but otherwise, it's kinda decent.

I think the long startup time has to do with the fact that all the resources for all the languages have to be loaded in some way.If you do most of your programming in C++ and never have any plans to program in say F#, you should be able to set this in the preferences. Perhaps it is already possible to do that, but then I looked over it.
For the rest: I mostly program in C# and it is a marvel to work with VS.
Working with VS 2010 professional. Don't have any immediate plans to upgrade to VS 2012.

Resources may be part of it, but VC++ 2012 Express is also slow to start. My guess is the way it reads the project startup file(s).

Yeah, Im enjoying it to a certain extent.
It's different and also a challenge getting to know where everything went.
Im not liking where there going with the Graphics of the program, Windows 8 blockiness is getting in there head toooo much. Not to mention, it's essentially black and white.

Alot of features I could find generally easily (more items on the toolbar then anything) on VS 2010, aren't there in 2012, and im not sure if you can add them in the toolbar options.

I personally wish I didn't upgrade. Oh, and one other thing they NEED to do, implement backwards compatabillity.

I just had installed it a while ago, it kind of lags a bit at start up.

Ok.. So, been using it continiosly for the past week for doing some C#. Its actually good pretty good. It used to lag in the beginning. I tweaked couple of settings in ma PC, deleted a lot of junk in my comp and its goin gr8 nw! :D

Quick survey, are you guys liking Visual Studio 2012?

I've only seen a bit of it over the shoulder of a coworker who's playing with it. There seems to be a "dark" mode that I really like, and the interface is less busy, which is good. There are a few odd quirks, but that might just be how my coworker set things up.

it kind of lags a bit at start up.

Visual Studio has favored doing most of the time consuming prep work on startup rather than ad hoc to make actual work respond faster since I think the 2003 version. It's annoying if you find yourself closing and opening it constantly, but otherwise I think it helps. Though it doesn't help with the perception (and reality) that Visual Studio is a very heavy piece of software.