In my free time i play games with my frinds and family.I mostly spend my time with my family.
What are you doing in your time ?

Playing apps on my Android phone! :)

Free time, what's that?

Well @happy it is this period of time during which you have nothing else to do, which for example you could use to walk into the gym you walk past everyday on the way home (god I hope I have the right admin in memory from that thread :D).

I play legaue of legends in my free time and watch internet streams of professional gamers. I also go to the gym.

Well,free time is the time for you to referesh or relax and enjoy.......You can get rid off the bordom during free hours by listening to music which makes you stress-free and cools your mind......I like listening to music whicle travelling.......

Let's just hope there aren't any teeanage boys replying to this thread...the results could be worrying to say the least :)

I used to play guitar in my free time.I also like to enjoy new movies and books.

gone are the days, when i used to have free time!!! but still i get it on weekends, i play angry birds :)

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I mark books. :(

I do listen to music, talk with my friends and family!!

playing pc games or going to have some fun

I sit infront of my computer and browse until my eyes get burnt..

I play PC games, read books, sometimes watch movie etc...

I usually read books and doing seo jobs.

I play PC games, read books, sometimes watch movie etc...

Free time is when you go to bed...

jalpesh_007... that's what I do if I finish my work early ^o^... either that or video games if it is a friday or saturday :)

do the things that has less priority or later deadlines..

or go on daniweb.

In my free time I read Paulo Coelho, play computer games like League of Legends or Arche Age (new MMO).

I also go jogging on the Boardwalk on Saturdays!

just playing mmo games, i'm currently playing archeage..

Playing archeage korean version. NA is still not available.

Currently playing Stranded 2 game

When i am free I am play Angry Birds game i m like it

Most of the time I sleep and watch movies.

sleeping waching movie and reading novels but i am rearly have free time:(

In my free time I used to go and play minecraft a lot, but then I quit because I saw that I got really adicted and couldn't get of the computer! Now in my freetime I just walk around in circles! :)

I my freetime , I usually watch TV or surf internet.

I don't have a freetime because I have my big final exams coming up on tuesday!