Hi y'all ... I'm a transplanted former New Yorker, stuck in the Houston, TX area (I'd like to be in the Northwest). Got my start back in 1980, on a friend's father's Commodore PET 8032 (yay Cassette Tape loading!), and bought an Apple ][+ in September of 1981. Also bought a Mac 128 the day it came out (the dealer, at World of Computers, in Port Chester, NY, would have sold his mother for cash) ...

Worked Windows most of my career, although the Apple side was always what sealed my deals (caveat: between 1996 and 2008, I didn't buy Macs).

Spent the last five years not working much (just side-jobs & fixing all my friends pc/mac systems), because I was the only child of a remaining parent with Alzheimers ... picked a bad time, as it's real difficult finding a decent job at a survivable salary these days. And the placement people want either a tech resume or a professional resume ... finally have a good packet with an abridged work history, both versions of resumes, a work history/salary/contact & 3 references sheet, and four letters of reference. Saves a lot of time separating the idiot headhunters from some who may be of use. In the meantime, also trying to get a consulting SMB business going ... it's tough times with the economy being what it is ...

Anyway, this looks like a pleasant group; always like to share info.


Stuart Fischbach

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