Given the fact that chaos is everywhere (syria, iraq, somalia, the UN, etc) has got me thinking; what could be that "one word" solution to this problem.

Aha, you just thought of it, what is it for you?

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you can use:

  • Reason
  • Civilize
  • Settle
  • Respect
  • Live
    Those are a few....

Sorry if i used one's that were already mentioned...

eradication - and by this I mean eradication of everything.

There'll be no one or nothing to fight with or over.


That's what came to my mind as well :)

...and herein lies the problem...YOUR one-word solution isn't the same as HIS one-word solution...and so you argue, and someone gets offended, and it escalates, and more people get offended, and someone else touches a match to that tinderbox, and BOOM.

Sound like the entire history of the world? Yep, pretty much. Whether over religion, or ideology, or philosophy, or territory, or resources, or treasure, or women, or control, it doesn't really matter.

Am I cynical about it? Yep, pretty much.

Have a nice day. I'm gonna go program computers.

Hmmm... are we allowed to use acronyms? Like that ridiculous acronym considered as "YOLO"....

Exactly... except we'll make it YOLOSDMWSEL!

(You only live once so don't mess with someone else's life)

... pretty good acronym... but kind of random.... :/

To borrow a quote from the inimitable Dan Quayle, "that one word is 'to be prepared'". But anyone who thinks there is a one word answer clearly does not understand the problem.

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you are probably right...

How many people agree with Reverend Jim; this will help me decide whether to closethis thread or keep it open.

this will help me decide whether to closethis thread or keep it open.

You don't have that choice. Only mods and admins can do that. All the rest of us can do is mark it solved.

Keeping with the programming theme, the word null. There is no one solution to such issues, BitBit is correct in what he says.

Yeah, but that depends on how many people are in support of Reverend Jim, which simply concludes that their is no one word answer.

whats to say there isn't a 1 word answer ? if someone else thinks there isn't that just means that is their opinion.

In reality nothing is fact, everything began as someone's opinion which just became the majority opinion and known as fact.

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Don't have a one word but here's my one sentence solution: "get over yourselves"

@ Reverend Jim: Really? I guess that is sort of in agreement with the eariler suggestion of "eradicate".

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Based on the last few weeks, some people would have you believe that the one word solution is "Romney".

I didn't say I agreed with them ;P

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

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That one word is the POWER-LUST because of which there is chaos in almost evrypart of the word.. and the only one word solution to this is HUMANITY!!!

My comment or eradication was one of jest apologies if it offended anyone. It wouldn't be my solution and nor do i have a solution to such a complext and volatile situation

Being a geek and all, here are some command-lines to fix the World's problems:

The anarchists would say:

$ sudo reboot

The conservatives would say:

> chkdsk /r

The progressives would say:

$ sudo apt-get update

The neo-cons would say:

$ srm -R any_country@middle.east:/*

Christian fundamentalists would say:

> FORMAT C: /FS:Jesus

And the Muslim fundamentalists would say:

> FORMAT C: /FS:Allah
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