I need help with my homework. Out professor doesn't explain anything and i'm struggeling.
TMy homework is:

Write, test and debug a program which asks the user to enter three floating point numbers
and then reports the largest and the smallest of these values. Here is the example program dialog:

Enter the first number: 43.5
Enter the second number: 110.2
Enter the third number 35

The smallest of the values is: 35
The largest of the values is: 110.2

When your program is working correctly, run it four times, using these value sets for the input:
20.5, 14.3, and 90.9
12.5, 25.75, and 30.8
55.7, 30.4, and 34.5
110.2, 43.5 and 35

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Please ask a specific question. Simply posting your homework requirements suggests you want someone to do the work for you.

I'm sorry, that is not what I meant to do. I just don't know where to start with this assignment. can I ask you about a different assignment that I wrote already but need tweaking a little bit?

that's what I have so far, it seems to be working. i'm not sure if it's the best way to approach this.

f = float(raw_input("enter the first number:  "))
s =  float(raw_input("enter the second number: "))
t =  float(raw_input("enter the third number:  "))

if f>s:

        Biggest = f
        if s>t:
            smallest = t
            smallest = s
         biggest = t
         smallest = s
    if s>t:
        biggest = s
        if f>t:
            smallest = t
            smallest = f
        biggest = t
        smallest = f

print "The smallest value is    " + str('%.2f'%smallest) 

print "The biggest value is     " + str('%.2f'%biggest)

Some remarks:
You do not handle incorrect input. If this is your intention, then this is ok.
The lines from 5-24 can be written:
smallest,bigest=min((f,s,t)), max((f,s,t))

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