I noticed a few sites that offer services such as cheaper products and likes on your page...

So for the cheaper products site like quibids.com, how do they even get those products or are they fake?
And how do those sites that offer 10000 likes for $25 work, how do they even give you likes?

This maybe a meaningless article, but hey... it is a question (or 2).

There are a several articles online that you can read about that explains how the quibids site works. Its not as cheap as you would think.

With regard to the likes, there are sites that sell you likes and other sites that offer likes exchanges. You can read some online articles about how that works, but the reality is that these likes you get are generally not that valuable. Many people that sign up on the like exchange sites use fake facebook and twitter accounts. The only benefit you may really get from this type of service is the appearance of many followers. It is sort of like the empty/full bar/restaurant thing... when bars and restaurants are empty, people arent interested. If they have alot of clients, they are more appealing. Same thing with having a lot of likes for your page.

I would not recommend you bother with that. What you really want is quality content on your sites, and get (real) visitors to like/share/+1 your content.

Think about how the most successful sites get their success. I guarantee you it wasnt because they bought any fake likes.

Oh that makes much sense about the likes... but how do sites like quibids even manage to gain the rights to sell ipads for like 10 dollars?

Also, as I've mentioned elsewhere, buying fans/followers is in breach of Facebook/Twitter terms and conditions and can lead to the closing of your account. There are plenty of ways to spot the fakes, and you can be sure that the social networks are getting on top of this, so it makes no sense at all to buy them. Just grow your following organically if you want long term success. It has taken me many years to grow my Twitter following to just 2500, but they are are decent followers who are interested in what I have to say rather than disinterested/disengaged folk and bots.

I've heard that Coca Cola had about a million fake likes on their page, do you think that is true?