you need your infrastructure buildup just like any other business

In this article i will tell about my method of earning online, how i am able to make 50$ to 100$ per week from clickbank with nominal investments.
     You may not be one of them, but a lot of people making good money online.Smarter ones even became rich from their online ventures.I will tell you my method, what and how i do.Before starting, you must understand online business is just like any other business where you need to make investments,learn its basics and tactics,face competition,be in discipline just like any other business on earth but the beauty of this business is it can be done from comfort of your home with little or almost no investments without any geographical restrictions.People fail in online business mostly because they fail to develop this mindset and attitude.
        Before starting online business, you need your infrastructure buildup just like any other business. Before starting, you must have - 
1. A laptop or PC with internet connection.
2. A domain name and website.(Contact me if you don't have)
3. List of 100 top google and alexa ranking free classifieds website.(Contact me, i'll give you.)
4. Strong will to learn and earn online, willing to spend atleast 2+ hours online.
     To fulfill above requirements you need to make some investments, just like we invest in other businesses, but here the investment is very low.

Ok, after having your website, go to clickbank and register yourself as affiliate.Browse the marketplace of clickbank and find a product matching your your website niche.Make a keyword rich page on your website related to that product with banners and text links to merchant site.This step is very important and requires concentration.

After making a webpage like above one, take out your list of classified sites.Post keyword rich advertisement promoting the URL address of webpage where banners and textlinks of merchant site which you promoting is present.if you can post in 20 classifieds sites daily, you'll able to post in all 100 sites in five days.

   Change product or page discription keeping the same product and repeat this process.You'll surely get visitors and sales.Your success will depend on the product,your ad quality and keywords selection in making your webpage.
  By this method, you can promote any affiliate programme or make money from good CPM networks like clicksor.    

Hi Shiva nice one.keep it up kindly check my site SNIP and tell how can collect traffic to my site and also your feed back and if you have any free ad place as you wrote on your article about classified so also provide me please.

100 top ranking free classifieds sites

So is the 100 top ranking free classifieds sites your traffic source that help you in making money with ClickBank?

I like making money with ad networks such as ReachJunction, adsense is my favorite way. Because it doesn't cost me a lot of time and the networks are reliable.

This will be very helpful for me, thanks. Can you also suggest how to improve SEo?

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