Hi, i have been issued a new computer by my work, its a dell latitude xt3 and has a "Dell Wireless™ 5550 Single-mode HSPA Mini Card with A-GPS" installed.
im just wondering could this be used to track my movments at work?
How could i tell if the company i work for is tracking me?
can A-GPS work if the computer is shut down?

If there is a GPS component, then yes, your device can be located if you really wanted to find the location of the device.

How could i tell if the company i work for is tracking me?

put some aluminum foil over your head, that should prevent them from tracking you. Sorry, I had to write that. Actually, you have a valid concern. Check your coporate employee policies. Shut down the attenas that connect to providers while not in use.

A-GPS work if the computer is shut down?

it would need a power source. If there is no power, there is no tracking.

thanks for the reply, do you know if there is any way to find out if they are tracking the laptop. i.e. some hidden software on the computer. (Would it even require software on the computer?)
I also thought that if the computer was shut down then they could not track it but I opened up the computer and took the main battery out and i see that there is an smaller battery as well, similar size to that found in a mobile phone

Please post a picture of your battery compartment and also a picture of the smaller battery.

I guess it depends what company you work for and what your position is. For instance if you were working for a government security company such as Mi5 or the FBI then it should come as no suprise that they are tracking you. If, however, you are working for a standard company and you have a standard role within that company, then they shouldn't have reason to track you. From what I understand, without stipulating something like this in the job contract, it is illegal for them to track you. Would be interesting to see if they were though. :)

If your laptop supports GPS then it can be tracked otherwise no.

If you are working on it and has a GPS or any other navigation system installed on it, yes you can be tracked with what you are doing and where you are. Do not worry.

Why would you be bothered by the company tracking THEIR OWN laptop ?

If the company have given you a laptop I'm guessing they gave it you to do work and not as a present for personal use. You should use the companies laptop like you would a computer in the office and if there's no inappropriate use of the laptop and you're not taking it to inappropreate places you should be fine.

From my point of view, official devices are given for official purposes so their usage must be for official purposes only. If an employer installs some security system on their co's given devices or laptops, then be calm. They have the right to monitor activites of their employees. Employees tend to use them for their own private purpose somethimes. Yet, It cause panic for the employees at the same time. Trust is the relation between employer and employee. But it hearts when someone breach the trust.

It is common to track company resources. There is one area of concern: Tampering. Check your agreement with your employer concerning loaned equipment. Many devices will give an indicaiton of tampering, and that could cause trouble. If it feels like there is a leash tied to your computer, then you are right, there is. Good luck.

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