my family always make me smile. I love every word, gesture and manner of them. especially my little brother's. he's just 6 months old.

My family, my dog, my cat... sometimes my friends... Yeah... pretty obvious right?

Here is a bunny:
( '.')

Aren't cats just so interesting :)... My cat Pixie is just a curiuos little tabby... she even wrestles with my dog (5 month old Maltese) and she would win!

My cat, Millie, never fails to make me smile.

@Michael, cats generally win that fight anyway I believe, they have a far more aggresive nature when they want to your average Dog.

The above statement excludes my cat, she hides from nearly everything :D

The people who post om Facebook, especially the ones I haven't seen for a long time.

especially my little brother's. he's just 6 months old.

I hope you still feel that way when he's 15 :)

heh.. I like to sleep with my she-cat, hugging her

Simpson's & Futurama. I'm sure we can all see ourselves, or others, in there more often than not. :D

Simpson's & Futurama. I'm sure we can all see ourselves, or others, in there more often than not. :D

Ah, I must correct this, as the question is asking "Who" and not "What".

My family and friends. I only surround myself with people who, on the whole, (because no-one is perfect) have good vibes. And this is a choice we all have. I've been happily married for decades, and our love for humour is exceptional. (I'm holding to the context of the thread here)

Some people think that knowing how computers work is clever. But that is not true. What is clever is knowing how computers work for people. When we understand this principle, that's when we become a good software/hardware engineer. If we can live up to the priorities of our family and friends, and understand how computers work for people, we can then be fitly described as a great software/hardware engineer.

...anyway, must stop now and make her this cup of tea she wants... :)

I know the question was who, but lets cover more ground my casting it to what. What makes me happy are the things I love to do and enjoy. Some of which are

  • Spending time with family
  • Spending time with my brother, more specifically
  • Playing basketball
  • Programming
  • Making people smile
  • Helping people to make their day better
  • Simply appreciating life, and so much more

eating fat-free and surgar-free cholote pudding :) I just ate a bowl of it :) :)

firstPerson... we are so similar! Except i also like money :)!

@Michael: Cool! I always like to meet similar people with similar interest. Your bunny looks surprised lol

He is in't he lol :)

He is surprised I haven't hunted it down yet >:)

lol, now he is shocked :)

any child....who is always smiling....

jalpesh_007... any smile can warm someone's heart... but that depends on the person :)

I like <MICHAEL> avatar, it makes me smile lol

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My 3 old niece just start to speak and when she call me uncle it make me happy.

Little kids talking is amusing :)... espicially when they pronounce your name wrong it sounds more amusing because it makes you laugh :)