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Why so?

I think anything with complex search algorithms that requires in-depth lexical analysis is complicated, so like Google!


It varies from person to person (i.e., web developer and web designer). Someone feels real estate websites are difficult to develop, someone feels eCommerce websites are difficult to develop, etc.

So, finally I would like to say that - for any expert and passionate web developer (or web designer) has no any difficulty to develop anything.


i think it's e-commerce sites..which requires lots of securities...if single loopholes there..and all over...


There are lot of dificult websites which can done depending on the workforce and time. In my opinion, an employee management program for large corporate companies such as Microsoft will be a difficult task which will need synchronized efforts from lots of people or from different teams.

This may include creating, updating and maitaining large databases, troubleshooting etc. The security of these applications and transactions are very crucial and needs constants improvements in the back end to protect it from hackers.

These type of websites also needs monitoring activities and transactions that occour 24/7.

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I feel that real estate sites are the hardest (for me) because a lot of the clients you get are ridiculous... unfortunately for me, i am only a Highschool freshman and i have no exposure to clients due to lack of experience (I am still learning)...

But from all the sites I have tested and tried to work with... i'd say real estate sites or any site that requires high security, and lots of maintenance, and worst of all... your client can be an extreme pain in the rear...

Of course my answer isn't as useful as others... but this is based off of my current exposure of becoming a pro web developer...


What kind of hotel reservation site was it? Was it like kayak or would it reserve you to a specific hotel rather than all hotels on the planet and what kind of challenges did you face?

And another quick question... if all these sites are complex how much can you make off of it? (I think 10,000 plus the monthly maintenance and upgrades)

I am thinking about (in a few years when I am a junior/senior in high school) i will start my development "company" and do services such as the traditional custom site development, app development, software, e-commerce, advertising, etc....

...Boy i have a lot to do... :)


Not like that. It served our hotels, tapped directly into their data. Challenges: timezone, currency and language differences. The one who makes the booking, the actual guest and the hotel can all differ in that respect.

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oh that makes sense... so in your case, dealing with other parts of the world was the hard part?

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