I work in PHP language for the past 2.5 yrs. I'm interested in making a career shift from PHP to Java/EE. So, I would like to start contributing to some open source software developed using Java EE, Spring, Hibernate. By that way I would like to develop my skills in few months in those Java framework. I'm okay with the core java and jsp,servlets. I have understanding of MVC architecture and ORM. I've worked with Symfony2, Doctrine in PHP.

So, I would like to know about the project I can start working with in GitHub to learn and develop my Java Web Development skill in Spring, JSP, Servlets and Hibernate. Please give the links of the projects and also step by step guide.

Thanks in advance.

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GitHub has an excellent search, am sure you can find one you're interested in.

Aws pritaeas said, use the GitHub search function. You may also want to visit sourceforge.net and use their very useful search tool as well.

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