Hello. In the past couple of months, I put together a simple web design which I planned to use on a site I am planning on developing. I uploaded a few of the pages to the site on one of my accounts to trial it under other people's judgements and many have said it is missing something. Ignoring the rest of the site, could someone maybe possibly give me a few suggestions that could help me out? Thanks...


Well, the first thing I noticed was that the image on the top wasn't loading (shinratopbannerv.2.gif). The second, your layout is being stretched out too far to the right. You make your table widths to 127%. Is there a reason? Change them to 100%. The rest are design issues. For example, others mind find black text over red hard to read. Also, where you have "Welcome To The Shin-Ra Commonwealth Web Page!" and " Copyright 2003 Shin-Ra Commonwealth" in the red bars, they seem out of place. If I were you, I'd just leave them as black text over the white background.

Designing a perfect website is not an easy task for all people because if your website is well staructured then you will get higher traffic on your site. Nowadays all people want attractive as well as perfect website which is necessary to get success in market.

As per the website design concern i would like to say that you need to first analyze your business keywords that must be useful for your business. Web design is the most crucial part of website so make your website secure,faster in access, easier to loading and easy navigation control etc in short make it effective and attractive to customers.

This was a forum post originally from 9 years ago! lol.
"geoocities.com", wow. It's like traveling back in time.

@pixelsoul, i agree... why post on an ancient thread? But also, you have to recall that the OP is one of those users that have never returned to post and second the thread has not been marked solved so people will continue to post to help the future...

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