Hi this is lokesh, I'm doing BCA in Bangalore university, i love programming but i also interested in hacking, my friend told me to do networking (CCNA) bcoz of there is no competetion in networking field, I'm in 2nd year BCA, I want to do some additional course like .NET and CCNA. I'm confused could you please advice me.


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I think in the IT industry, learning about all aspects of various technologies is a good thing since they are all related. For example, being a great programmer with a solid understanding of networking is a good recipe for building networking related applications. Or being great at networking with some programming skills can make for a very resourceful network administrator.

However, it's very challenging to be great at all aspects of IT. Pick what you love the most and focus on that. Become an expert. Then continue you studies in the next aspect of IT that you enjoy.

Of course, you should take into account job opportunity and compensation.


i thnk u shd u choose wat u feel enjoyable.

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i agree to JorgeM.. The more tools you use the more knowlege you learn.
Also the more money you can get :)

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