Hi everyone,

I am very new in this forum as well as in Data base management. Currently started my degree and studying database management system. I need serious help.

My 1 assignment was already failed so if I fail this one too then I have to repeat whole subject. Please help me with this one.

I need to create ER diagram, implement the database in sql but first I am not able to make er diagram. Please some one make this one for me. I know it but now it's very late.

here is the situation.
The following gives the specific requirements for the UIS system.
1. There are many academic sections in the university. Each academic section is recorded with academic section Id, name and long name.
2. Each academic section offers many units; each unit is recorded with unit Id, unit code, name, credit and the academic section that offers the unit.
3. One unit can be offered in many teaching periods. Each teaching period is recorded with teaching period Id, year, teaching period of the year, start date, end date, break start date and break end date.
4. Each person is recorded with person Id, password, family name, given name, title, email and date of birth.
5. Each student is recorded with student Id, student type (i.e. international or local).
6. One staff works for an academic section. We record their staff Id, office, phone and the academic section they work for.
7. The database also records what units a student is enrolled in, and the grade and mark a student gains in each unit.

The following explanation will assist you to understand the ER design:
 An academic unit may be a school, a department.
 An academic offers many units.
 One staff works for only one academic unit.
 A unit may be offered in many teaching periods.
 There is only one LUC (local unit coordinator) of a unit offered.

please some one help me to do this guys.

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This forum is not really designed to do your homework for you. Do the design and if you have a particular problem with it someone will help you.

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This forum is not really designed to do your homework for you. Do the design and if you have a particular problem with it someone will help you.

^^ What he said.

Post specific questions if you have them. The forum rules state that you must demonstrate some effort if you want help with homework assignments.

ok I will follow the rules

I have attach the er diagram can anyone please check what is wrong with it and advice me to correct it.

Looks pretty reasonable, the Units are offered by Academics not by Academic Section so the relationship in Unit probably should be to Staff entity

there should be a relationship for LUC back to the Staff entity.

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