Here is a link to some texting acronyms for senior citizens and their friends/loved ones.

You can probably add: NTPA = Need To Pee Again :)

Thats funny :)

I thought of this one
WMGB... Where's my glasses boy?

And I found these:
OMG... Old man groaning
OTW... Of the walker
POS... Please obey seniors
LoL... Little old lady
LMAO... Love My Arthritis Ointment
BFF... Best friend funeral
BFF... Been falling frequently
GTG... Good time granny
BTW... Broke the wheelchair

Those are some good ones... You should make this a posting game lol?

Good one happygeek

How about:

WAI = Where Am I?
I93YK = I'm 93 You Know
TTMD = Turn That Music Down

Haha.. Good ones...

Lets put this posting games

Thinking about my 92yo grandmother .. I'd add this one:

ITITAN = I think I'll take a nap.

.. and certainly ..

W! = WHAT!?

(She doesn't have a hearing aid yet, but definitely needs one)

WIMHA = Where is my hearing aid

SWYFDST = Seniors watching young folks doing stupid things

BITGOD = Back In The Good Old Days

WMT = Where my teeth?

SOB = Smelly Old Bloak

IBYWMC: i'ma beat you with my cane

BIMD: back in my day...