Hi all – I am a project manager with no real development experience.

As part of a project I am working on I need to develop a web based SMS texting application with added functionality as follows:

1: The system has basic web textout functionality so that lists of mobile numbers can be uploaded in CSV format and SMS messages can be sent to these lists in bulk. Likewise the system should allow text messages to be received and viewed from the web interface.

2: Management can add certain mobile phone numbers to a “VALIDATED” list which then in turn the user of this mobile phone number can send a message to a long number which is connected to the system and interact with the system as in next points.

3: VALIDATED phone number users can send a text message to the longnumber that is connected to the system. They text “ONLIST 5” (Where “ONLIST” means add the user to the ONLIST list and where “5” means duration of 5 hours). They receive a confirmation message when successfully added to the ONLIST.

4: Then they can then text “OFFLIST” to be removed from that list.

5: If the user does not text “OFFLIST” within the specified time frame of 5HRS they are sent a warning message after fifth hour has been reached, also a warning message is sent to a collection of other mobile phone numbers which are on a separate “NOTIFY” list.

6: I am using the time duration of 5 hours as an example but in practice any time could be inputted by the user so 48 would equal 48 hours or 15 would equal 15 hours etc.

We have multiple locations so this would need to be replicated several times (using different dedicated long numbers for each location)

Can someone explain the components rqd & steps involved in creating something like this?
I’m not sure what an SMS gateway is etc, how much development time will have to go into something like this and what equipment I will need to make this happen so any help would be greatly appreciated.



Can anyone even tell me if C# is the right forum for such a query?



This can be done in C#, but the level of effort needed is in the range where I get paid. I suggest you hire someone to do this for you.

Hi Monmerath -

Thanks very much for the reply - Obviously I'm not looking for anyone to provide the solution here on the forum - this is a project that we are planning to run over a period of time and it will have its own budget assigned -

Can you even outline is C# the best method of doing such and can you suggest any companies / types of developers that I should be sending this requirement to for tender/quotation?

I just do not know who best to send our requirement to/ or how to get the process started!



I don't know if C# is 'the best method', not even sure that has any real meaning :) It can be done in C#, or C, or C++, or PhP, etc. What I'd consider is if you have anyone on staff now who knows how to program and what they know (not to have them do it, but they might be able to debug something later).

My first step would be to look at SMS gateways and see what software they offer with them (or have available). Check if these companies do custom software and give them an outline of what you want. Be as specific as possible in your requirements.

One thing I would not do is send it out to the various companies that offer "programmers for $1/hour". In my experience you really do get what you pay for.

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