This is a sincere request to our ever loving admin, Dani.

Please send an invitation to Paul Thurrott (www.winsupersite.com) to join our community. His insights and experience will be a tremendous resource to us.

nizzy1115, MIGSoft and I think you should do it, being the admin, creator owner and all.

What do you say?

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Dear Dani,

What goldeagle said. Please invite him. You have the power to do it ;).


It's always a very nice thing to have tech celebrities on the site. Actually convincing them to take time out of their busy schedules is another matter entirely ... of course, I'll see what I can do ... whatever that is :)


Not that it wouldn't be cool to have him here, but don't you think he'd be rather busy with his own site?


Of'course he would rather be working on his own site like most people. However, we are not asking him to do a whole lot. All we really wan't is for him to be member, and maybe contribute a post or two occasionally, and maybe answer a few questions. Having him here will also add to the reputation of DaniWeb. Also, in light of the fact that DaniWeb is so popular (he probably knows about it), he might be eager to join. He could be an "honorary member".


A good reputation comes from quality, not from the celebrities that find their way to the member list. I think that if this guy wants to join, he'll do it of his own accord. If not, inviting him makes us look like we're desparate for big names.


Of'course it would be his decision whether to join or not. He might have been simply too busy to consider it . Also, anybody would be much more likely to join if they were invited (at least I would).

I TOTALLY AGREE with the statement you made about the quality. However, I don't think that inviting him will make us look desparete for big names. We got the quality and the reputation already (and it would be simply stupid to argue against DaniWeb not having those). We are inviting him to join the elite so to speak. He has an amazing expertise in the area of MS OSs. And I think having a person of that caliber will make DaniWeb a better place.

But once again thats my opinion.

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