Dani's last thread (in the advertising sales / affiliate section) triggered something in my brain. Using PPC to promote ebay auction listings!!!

What do you get when you combine Google, Yahoo, and eBay together? A MASSIVE reach when it comes to promoting your goods or services on eBay. I have experienced excellent results by making Adwords and Overture advertisements link to my eBay auctions. But when doing so, be clear with your ad copy. Almost every search engine PPC ad I see that links to eBay are eBay affiliates. Therefore you must be creative with your copy to distinguish yourself. A good example is as below:

Red Puma Running Shoes
New in box. Male Sz 10.
Auction ends March 3.

This will avoid confusion, and instantly tells the searcher that you are advertising a unique item on eBay.

Add PPC ads to your listings and you'll create a larger pool of potential bidders. It's as simple as that.

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Good idea, I think I will try it out.

:mrgreen: purely genius... as long as the search terms get accepted fast enough. I'm sure theres a way to monkey with it and time everything right though.

props to you for this one!

I am trying it out right now, but the keywords overlap with a regular campain I am running, will they run concurrently?

Yeah that worked a little too well, I had to pause it. Don't really want to spend $11/day to have it up.

Yeah that worked a little too well, I had to pause it. Don't really want to spend $11/day to have it up.

yeah, you definately have to have your budget ON. :) and be careful that you dont have a click bid that's over your budget. My account once ran over quite a bit, but I called and they didn't give me any trouble about refunding money.

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