As of Sunday afternoon, Oct 30, 2005, DaniWeb has taken on a new look! I have been active with DaniWeb since early 2004, and we now have the 3rd revision to our community! I like the new changes, and I am sure that on behalf of the administration, others do too! Welcome Aboard!

Designed to make navigation more easier for the user community, the webmasters installed a new look-and-feel to help users find the answers they are looking for, and also post questions in the proper locations. DaniWeb operates like a library, with different topics in different locations. One would not look for information on cars where all of the baking books are located... likewise here at DaniWeb, programming questions need to be in one location, and operating system discussions in another.

The new interface also returns to the important consideration that all members of our community are not blessed with high-speed internet. The old site was very artistic, and quite elegant, but to a modem user, it took forever for things to load up and display properly. The new design features significantly less graphics, so that our modem folks do not have to wait for the art to load.

I had the chance to ask Dani, our webmaster administrator why she introduced the changes. She commented, "The old one was "pretty" ... but very graphic intensive and a little too flashy for a serious IT professional site. I wanted to go for a much cleaner, more intuitive look that someone could feel comfortable spending a long time viewing ... very corporate looking."

I think Dani and her team of designers found a viable solution to the interface question. The lines are nice and refreshing. The colors are informative and helpful to the viewer. The site takes much less time to load, which should help her server out, as it has to send less down the wire with each transaction. I also think that she avoided the corporate push of "just functional", and kept style to it.

So, again, welcome to the new DaniWeb. Please feel free to share your comments about the new website here, or inside the DaniWeb News and Feedback forum.


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Two designs ago we had one that lasted for years ... these last two, I was getting some criticisms right from the start, and I was never 100% satisfied with them. This one I am :) I think this one will be here to stay for a very, very long time.

This is awesome. I followed a link from my daily email "digest" that vBulletin sends me for the forums I subscribe to. I open a stack from various forums and then work through the Firefox tabs reading them. Got to the DaniWeb post and didn't know where I was - had to read the url! Very slick, very nice, very fast.

Well done guys and gals!

Yep, congratulations on the job well done from me too, Dani.

Also, on a side note sarahk, that is precisely how I operate every morning as well (or late at night), since those emails are typically sent around midnight (depends on the server's timezone, too, of course.)

After using it for a day I felt at home with the new look and feel. There are clearly some good artistic sills in the support team as well as the depth of development experience which shows throughout the whole community.

No complaints. I found the layout slicker than usual(bet you thought I'd say snot). The colors are easy on the eyes and the user isn't overwhelmed by the graphics. Also, load times have improved quite a bit. Hey Dani, just for old times' sake, could you have the old versions of the site available too?

Great site & graphics, keep up the great work!

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