What is the best game you played so far in your entire life?

Zick asked which GAME you think is best for ANY console, not which CONSOLE is best.

The thread will get out of hand it we get into the debate of consoles.

  • BattleField 3 for the MP

What is the best game you played so far in your entire life?

What's the criteria for "best"? I'd probably list games that I come back to on the regular and still find fun or engaging for long periods. These come to mind immediately:

  • Everquest II
  • Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
  • Fallout 3
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Chrono Cross
  • Final Fantasy I
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Super Metroid
  • Megaman X

Skyrim on the Xbox has been my crutch when I have time between work, university, my kids, and my wife. I love that game. I'm also looking forward to getting Black Ops 2 at Christmas time.

In saying that, I think the best game I've played (enjoyment wise) was Earthbound on the NES(or Super NES, I don't recall).

The best game I've played would have to be Red Dead Redemption (that game was a masterpiece).

The game I've had the most fun with was Portal 2 though.

Also, I'll throw in a quick shout out for Super Mario, because, lets be honest, everyone loves a bit of Mario every now and again!

SimCity, The Sims, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart Wii

Skyrim on the Xbox has been my crutch when I have time between work, university, my kids, and my wife. I love that game.

Skyrim is awesome. But for some reason it doesn't hold my attention as well as Oblivion. Maybe it's because I burned myself out on Oblivion and Skyrim is more or less Oblivion with better graphics. Though the next DLC taking us into Solstheim should bring life to the game for me (at least, I hope).

Well for me that is really hard to answer but I like battlefield 3, Hitman, AC3, COD BO2, Skyrim, and a few others. I am thinking about getting Watchdogs though.

Well... many games are coming out and they are always better than the past.

I am thinking about getting Watchdogs though.

That looks like a great game, definitely one I look forward to.

Well... many games are coming out and they are always better than the past.

I suppose that's where I differ from many other people. I think some of the best games ever made were made in the 80's and 90's. That being said, I'm always thankful companies like Valve and Rockstar are there to constantly lead innovation in the industry.

I ask you guys what your best game play so far so i will play it and try it :)

I wonder if you guys ever played Monster Hunter for PSP?

Many of you listed SKYRIM i will look at it on youtube and see the gameplay of it..

Don't get me wrong i love skyrim and have spent an outrageous amount of hours on it but you need just that to make it worth playsing, purely because of the amount of story lines, quests and paths you can take.

... I still haven't finished it, I spend too much time just wandering around picking fights with bandits.

Skyrim is one of those games that should be enjoyed but cannot be rushed as ChrisHunter pointed. I haven't played it in a couple of months but I want to finish it and complete as many missions that I can and that takes a lot of time. Luckily, it's one of those types of games that will draw me back into it eventually. LoL ChrisHunter, I wander around looking for fights all the time. I only fast travel if the missions take me right across the map. I've built my Nord to be a skull-removing 2 handed war-hammer-smashing beast. This is a great game but it can be glitchy and load times can be quite long.

Yeah Stuugie i agree i quite often get stuck on rock and have to load the last save.

My character is a Wood Elf but I haddn't played the Oblivion seires before and didnt focus on one ability so although he's a bit of a beast with fire, archery, one-handed and two-handed, he's not as good as he could be with some abilities.

Think i will focus on two handed from now on though... When i get back into it that is.

Lately I've been preoccupied with Mercury HG on the XBox.

i wonder what skyrim version you played guys? :D

Same as Stuugie I'm on Xbox, would be good to have a gaming rig but they're just too expensive and need up-grading too often.

God Of War!!! I've a PSP so God Of War on PSP!!!
Also Final Fantasy 4. Also on PSP.

i wonder what skyrim version you played guys? :D

PC is the only way, given the enormous modding community. ;)

Final Fnatasy 3 is also good in NDS and also the Pokemon White & Black / 2 :)

I also like God of War / God of War 2 the game story well i hope they release a movie of it.

@Zick there was roumers of a movie being made for God of War, they're making the 4th game in the series too.

My kids just bought me Black Ops 2 for my birthday a couple of days ago and I'm liking that although the campaign play graphics don't seem to be all that spectacular.

@Stuugie IMHO the COD graphics haven't been that ground breaking since Modern Warfare, Black Ops Zombies is a lot of fun though! have you played Zombies on the Black Ops 2 yet?

@ChrisHunter, don't get me wrong, I think the online graphics are good, better than campaign at least. As for zombies, I like fighting zombies! I like the new BO2 zombie maps, especially the one with the bus and the hoards of zombies that chase you while on the bus. Good times. I haven't bought the Nuketown zombie map yet but I'll probably get that after Christmas.

Halo 4 was pretty good... I just tried it recently at my cousin's house

@ChrisHunter i heard that roumers about God of War 2 years ago i think?.. Hahaha..

I remember the first time i played Black i feel very dizzy and sick..

I haven't played BO2 yet I dont like the rout call of duty multiplayer has gone down. I'll probably borrow BO over the Christmas break to play the Zombies though, it looks awesome !

Oddly enough, I think the BO2 multiplayer is better than BO1 by miles. Love the new load out system, love the new scorestreaks rather than killstreaks system, love the emphasis on team play for XP etc etc.

I'm no hardcore gamer (only Second Prestige 13 at the minute if proof were needed of that) but BO2 multiplay really ticks the boxes for me - to the point where I think I've only completed a couple of missions in the actual game part of the thing itself.