@HappyGeek not a hardcore gamer but you 2nd prestige already ! thats more than casual gaming to get to that level already !

The lack of team work and the kill steaks is the reason I switched to battlefield.

I played COD 2 and 4 in comps for the pc so it was all about tactics and team work so to hear COD is going back to it's routs a bit has me interested... Looks like I'm having my brother round with his copy to try it for myself.

Max payne series! It has a very good story line! Even assassin creed!

Ms.Pacman tied for first place with Total Annihillation (and yes, I'm old enough to have played those old table top console games).

I like XBOX the most, have tried PSP but didn't like it that much.

I prefer fpsg's especially CS .. simple yet addicting..

I am still playing wow. The expansions keep getting better. This panda expansion is pretty nice.


The lack of team work and the kill steaks is the reason I switched to battlefield

BO2 really does change all that. XP is awarded for doing the game type objectives, not just for kills. You get far more XP if you capture flags, defend flag carriers, kill flag carriers etc in Capture the Flag than you will if you just go on a kill spree. You get far more XP for capturing and defending the hardpoint in hardpoint than just killing at random. Similarly, although you still get XP for kills the scorestreak system now bases when you get your care package or sentry gun etc on team-based, challenge-based points rather than just killstreak totals. It all makes the multiplayer game much more team and objective oriented than before.

You can't force people to be team players, and plenty of noobs still camp and snipe and kill without any thought, but they don't level up quickly and you do so you filter them out of your gameplay quick enough as BO2 is more intelligent about how it puts players together in matches as well - or at least has seems to be.

not a hardcore gamer but you 2nd prestige already

Hehe. 2nd Prestige Level 37 now, and I have got the gold camo for my weapon of choice: MK48 (LMG) as I'm a bit of a spray and pray style player.

I don't really recall any fps that is focused on team work... it's all just ignore capture points and hog all the kills until your killed then repeat. But BO2 is decent, but not great (not as groundbreaking when you compare it to MW and MW2)

Choosing the best is pretty much the one I am playing now. But there are some that I can go back and play again and again like the Deus Ex series and Prey - I like prey because of the crazy point of view shifts like paths that allow you to walk upside down.