So, I am currently using godaddy, but I found media temple and thought it looked pretty cool... I was wondering what is more perferred by you guys?

I only know GoDaddy, Media Temple is quite new for me.

I also know that media temple has a better looking website but godaddy has better ads :)

I've never heard of Media Temple, actually.

Here is a link to their site, maybe their clients are familiar :)
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I wouldn't go with either, BUT - looking at the prices: £5/mo godaddy with nearly everything you need (unlimited mysql dbs etc) for a starter web dev package sounds v.v. good to me as compared to $10/mo for a glorified site builder. Or were you looking at the grid system package @ $20/mo? The control panel looks a bit featureless, but I'm sure it's better than the limited screenshots.

I may have got it wrong, but what makes you prefer Media Temple?

You have to take online ratings with a grain of salt but I looked at this one and the ratings for Media Temple seemed rather mixed. I have seen a lot of user concerns with GoDaddy. There are many hosting options and probably many that would be better than either of these (including the one that I use).

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Well i use godaddy but if mediatemple was better, I'd switch...

Maybe their site design attracted me over the godaddy one...

Hi <MICHAEL>! Deciding whether to switch hosts really depends on what your site(s) needs are and whether you are happy with your current host. Are you having any problems? Are you satisfied with your sites performance and your hosts support?
If you have any specific concerns or questions about (mt)'s offerings, feel free to get in touch directly! You can send a tweet to @mt_aaron or @mediatemple, or open a chat from our homepage

Well, I was concerned which is better overall... I have godaddy, but i was thinking about using (mt)... I am satisfied with GoDaddy, but i am more curious on what makes (mt) better than GoDaddy.

By any chance Sara, do you work for/own (mt)...

Yes, I work for (mt). What makes a host "better" depends on what you need and is also a matter of opinion. I'd recommend getting in touch with either @mt_aaron over Twitter or opening a chat from our homepage, and describing exactly what your site(s) needs are, what kind of site(s) your operating, etc, and we'll be able to help you make a decision based off that. :)

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Ouch! Just read the MT reviews.

@diafol Well, every webhost is going to have mixed reviews. I'm certain that if you look up reviews for others, you'll find positive and negative feedback. The type of experiences people have with their hosts can greatly vary depending on how their sites or apps are built, their level of knowledge, etc. It's just the nature of the industry.

I'm not saying that (mt) is perfect- we are powered by people and people make mistakes. We are a tech company and sometimes things break. These things are inevitable for any technology company. We believe that the way we handle issues and provide support is what sets us apart.

I can't tell you that people haven't had negative experiences with (mt), but I can tell you that we host and are trusted by companies like NBC Universal, Starbucks, Nordstroms, jQuery, Samsung, dribbble, and more. :)

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@diafol Well, every webhost is going to have mixed reviews.

Indeed they do. To be fair, there were many more positives than negatives.

We believe that the way we handle issues and provide support is what sets us apart.

That certainly came through in the reviews :)

commented: Thanks for recognizing the positive, too. :) +0