how can i remove my given code snippet i have submitted ? i dont want any more negative votes to my code. thanks

It's like any other post, and cannot be deleted. See the terms of service:

Posts contributed to the community immediately become the property of DaniWeb upon submission. Members may edit their posts for a limited time period immediately after, for the purpose of correcting spelling and grammar mistakes and accidental ommissions. After this initial period expires, posts may only be edited or deleted by DaniWeb team members, and only in cases where they do not comply with our forum rules for the purpose of making said content comply with all rules. As a discussion community, posts contributed by many members work together to form coherent discussions. Altering or deleting individual posts may have consequences that unfairly extend to other members of the community. All members are held responsible for their actions. As always, think before you permanently post something on the public Internet.Quoted Text Here

i dont want any more negative votes to my code.

Your snippet has only one vote. Did you post the code to help others or did you post the code to get an ego boost? Seriously, if you're afraid of negative feedback then you shouldn't put your stuff up for public display. On the other hand, if you're interested in improving yourself then negative feedback is by far the most productive, even if it cuts your ego down to size.