What is the most scariest or most dangerous movie character you have ever seen? Also why does he/it/she scare you.

For me is Bagul from Sinister
He would enter places from pictures so he could be watching you... and he is for heaven's sakes hideous.

What are yours? And don't say barney or elmo...

Why does he terrify you...?

Pennywise the clown from the Steven King's I.T!

Let me guess, little kid memories?
He scared me too... Which is why i hate clowns...

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It. Laughable show but great performance (as always) by Tim Curry

Colossus, from the Forbin Project.

It's the progenitor of SkyNet. Or today's Democrats. I'm not sure which.

The Alien from the Alien movie.
Pops up when least expected, eats folks with those nasty titanium teeth, and sloppers slime all over.

Colossus, from the Forbin Project.

There's a movie I haven't seen in years. One of a few that actually followed the book reasonably well. The book (three, actually) are classics in the genre (by D. F. Jones). I recommend them if you can find them. They are:

  1. Colossus
  2. The Fall of Colossus
  3. Colossus and the Crab

The movie leaves out a lot of the book.

by any chance is that the story where they made the video game shadow of the colussus based off of?

I don't get scared by movie characters and never have, I thoroughly enjoy horror movies and am usually quite entertained by "scary" movies. That being said, Pinhead from Hellraiser is quite the evil character.

The boss from Office Space.

@Michael - Colossus is the US supercomputer built to take over the defense of the country. It is self repairing and once turned on cannot be turned off. Unknown to the US, the Russians enable their version named Guardian. Colossus and Guardian link up, then Guardian is subsumed by Colossus who now has the combined missile power of both countries to enforce its will.

@Reverend Jimoh, i guess i lost my mind when i was thinking about fantasy. I should have read vmanes comment more clearer when he said Forbin Project.

@Stuugie, Pinhead looks pretty evil, but i haven't seen any of his films.

@Ene Uran, the aliens are more scary in video games when they come in groups and are impossible to see plus they are extremely hard to kill

the ghosts in japanese movies e.g. sadako

the tv thing was unique and somehow comical, gives me the creeps tho

ghosts aren't too bad, unless you are searching for them in the dark... BAM... paranormal activity 5... those films aren't scary though. But the ghost/spirit/demon in sinister (Bagul) is quite frightening if you think about his capabilities.

i am surprised no one said Jigsaw from Saw or leather face from Texas Chainsaw massacre...

they're definitely dangerous but not scary ... and also they're gross

I'm a little late to the party...but the alien from The Thing (not the 50s movie version). Always scary because it could be anyone...or everyone. Even someone you knew to be human a little while ago might have been taken over since you last saw them.

Reminds me of the old joke "I wouldn't BE this paranoid if everyone weren't out to get me!"

@mike.rogers.547727, you not late to the party... The Thing had some very interesting monsters... which is why it seemed kind of unique (it was probably the inspiration of most video games like Dead Space).