My sms gateway save message data in log(MSSQL) in Hex code, like this:


These are Unicode message (16 bits per characters)

Each 4 characters is AsciiHex representation of a character (in hex):

For example:

“0046” = 46hex = ‘F’
“003A” = 3Ahex = ‘:’

how can I convert this in ColdFusion to other format?


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Unfortunately I don't know how to decode UTF16. If it were a regular UTF8 string - or the values always had 2 leading zeroes - you could decode it like any 2 char hex string. Loop and grab every 4 characters. Use inputBaseN to get the ascii code, and convert it to a character. Problem is that would not work if the first 2 chars were something other than 00. Not much help I know, but it may give you some ideas.

<cfloop from="1" to="#len(theString)#" index="x" step="4">
                <cfset fourChars = mid(theString, x, 4)>
                <cfset theChar = chr( inputBaseN( fourChars, 16))>
                <cfoutput> character at [#x#] = #theChar# </cfoutput>

Thank you, its working....

Thank you, its working....

It works with the sample string, yes. But it wouldn't work if the leading characters are something other than "00" which is possible w/UTF16

I make tests and translate about 4000 short sms messages. Working great. Thx.

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