I have an ASP Classic page with SHIFT_JIS charset. It has a meta tag under the <head> section like this:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=shift_jis">

My page has a text box (txtName) that should only allow 200 characters. I have a Javascript function that validates the character length, which is called on the onclick() event of my Submit button.

if(document.frmPage.txtName.value.length > 200)
    alert("You have exceeded the maximum length of 200.");
    return false;

The problem is, Javascript is not getting the correct length of Japanese character encoded in SHIFT_JIS. For example, the character has a SHIFT_JIS length of 8 characters, but Javascript is only recognizing it as one character, probably because of the Unicode encoding that Javascript uses by default. Some characters like has 2 or 3 characters when in SHIFT_JIS.

If I will only depend on the length provided by Javascript, long Japanese characters would pass the page validation and it will try to save on the database, which will then fail because of the 200 maximum length of the DB column. Is there a way to get the SHIFT_JIS length of the Japanese character using Javascript? Is it possible to convert from Unicode to SHIFT_JIS using Javascript? How?

Thanks for the help!

by the way, I'm using Internet Explorer as my browser.

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