Hello All,

I am a former Texan who has retired to Costa Rica. I want to use my retirement time to learn programming languages, starting with Python. I know HTML, CSS, and Joomla, but I need to get into real coding.

I would appreciate anu suggestions and assistance you are willing to share.

Thanks to you all.

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Howdy Texan,

if I where you, I would check my Posting on this nice site. It could be, what your'e looking for. After 15 Years of learning to understand, I decided to use my (marginal) Perl-Coder knowledge to compose a real Software, but for Code- Newbie's and Dummies, like me. It's in Perl-HTML-CSS-JS.

To add an offical Python Comment to Perl:

Because of its more general data types Python is applicable to a much larger problem domain than Awk or even Perl, yet many things are at least as easy in Python as in those languages.

So, playing with Perl, you would not just waist your time, anyway...


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Welcome to the forum, I hope EveryAuction has helped you out! I see he has made a couple posts directing you to a site to help you!

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