I just found this site and it looks really cool. I'm looking forward to being a member. I'm 31 and interested in learning more about Java. I have a basic understanding, but that's about it. I took a course two years ago that used Alice in Action with Java where the fundamentals where introduced, but that is the thing, it was just the basics. I think it is great when people can post questions and also help others at the same time. For example, last night when I discovered DaniWeb I was in the middle of a Google search for what a command-line argument is. Sure enough I found the answer in this forum. By the way, if anybody wants to know, a command-line argument is a argument that you enter in the command prompt. For instance, it may look like this C:\java YourClassHere 23
The number 23 is the argument. Anyways, I was really happy to find the answer because I was studying some code and couldn't figure out how to get the example program I was playing with to work. It compiled, but when I ran it nothing happened which really had me stumped. What I failed to realize was that particular program only accepted command-line arguments.

Welcome joshfizzle, always good to see a new member on the forums.

Hello and welcome!

Thanks, guys. There seems to be a lot of great stuff in this site. I'm definitely looking forward to reading/studying posts and code, plus, contributing if and when possible.

Hello And welcome to the daniweb community forums

Welcome to the forums! I am actually new myself, and have found a lot of useful threads throughout the entire site! I hope you're finding the same!

Thanks again everyone for the warm welcome. It seems like there is so much to learn and so little time. I realize that becoming a coding ninja doesn't happen overnight. Like anything that is worthwhile it takes time and one has to consistently work at it. I've definitely seen a lot of good stuff on this site so far and I'm looking forward to reading and participating.