I want to create a music editing program that will allow you to play songs using a MIDI device. I know there are significant differences in the capabilities of VB.NET and C++ but I'm not sure which would be more suited for such a project.

Any suggestions?


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Assuming (as you have not provided a lot of info)
1. You are doing this alone
2. You only need it to run on windows

I recommend C#.NET because the .NET framework comes with good libraries and all memory management is done for you that will help you create your program more easily. (VB.NET makes a mockery of the assignment operator '=' it's a road to perdition! VB was a cool thing in its day and I have done loads of stuff with it, but C# kind of makes it redundant if you ask me)

With C++, really you will need a handfull of coders to create the project in a reasonable amount of time, but you could make it run then on other platforms.

I am planning to do the project alone and, though this may change later, I really only need it to work on my own computer, using Windows XP. I don't know C# very well, though I know it's basically C++ syntax with VB keywords. Hopefully I can pick up a cheap book on C# for the project. If absolutely necessary, could I use VB.NET with reasonable success?

The .NET framework won't care if you use VB or C#. I just think C# is a cleaner syntax easier to read and a lot of other languages (php, pearl, python) follow the same semantics, so it will be a better investment of your time if you're going to program more in the future.

Oh and you will find a lot of .NET tutorials and articles tend to be in C# more often than VB.

Thanks for the link. It looks pretty helpful.

btw it is faster if you write in vb.net, but it is worth learning all the .net framework lanuages because they all have there purpose.

Do you plan on selling your program, or are you writing it just for your own enjoyment? If you want to sell it then you may want to upgrade your operaring system to either Windows 7 or 8 so that you can program with most recent versions of the .NET framework. According to this you can not install version 4 on XP. (Microsoft will stop all support for XP on April 8, 2014 (link))

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