In the following html/php page why is my "select" tag not showing all the options?

<title>Learning PHP & HTML</title>

<form action="somefile.php" method="post">
<table width="25%">

<tr> <td>First Name:</td> 
     <td align="right"> <input type="text" name="fName"></td></tr>

<tr> <td>Last Name:</td>
     <td align="right"> <input type="text" name="lName"></td></tr>

<tr> <td>Phone Number:</td>
     <td align="right"> <input type="text" name="phoneNumber"</td></tr>

<tr> <td>Address:</td>
     <td align="right"> <input type="text" name="address"</td></tr>

<tr> <td>Zip code:</td>
     <td align="right"> <input name="zip"></td></tr>

<tr> <td>Sate: <select name="sate">

    <option value="NONE"> Select</option>
    <optoin value="AL"> AL - Alabama</option>
    <optoin value="AK"> AK - Alaska</option>
    <optoin value="AZ"> AZ - Arizona</option>
    <optoin value="AR"> AR - Arkansas</option>
    <optoin value="CA"> CA - Califonria</option>
    <optoin value="CO"> CO - Colorado</option>
    <optoin value="CT"> CT - Connecticut</option>
    <optoin value="DE"> DE - Delaware</option>
    <optoin value="FL"> FL - Florida</option>
    <optoin value="GA"> GA - Georgia</option>
    <optoin value="HI"> HI - Hawaii</option>
    <optoin value="ID"> ID - Idaho</option>
    <optoin value="IL"> IL - Illinois</option>
    <optoin value="IN"> IN - Indiana</option>
    <optoin value="IA"> IA - Iowa</option>
    <optoin value="KS"> KS - Kansas</option>
    <optoin value="KY"> KY - Kentucky</option>
    <optoin value="LA"> LA - Louisiana</option>
    <optoin value="ME"> ME - Maine</option>
    <optoin value="MD"> MD - Maryland</option>
    <optoin value="MA"> MA - Massachusetts</option>
    <optoin value="MI"> MI - Michigan</option>
    <optoin value="MN"> MN - Minnesota</option>
    <optoin value="MS"> MS - Mississippi</option>
    <optoin value="MO"> MO - Missouri</option>
    <optoin value="MT"> MT - Montana</option>

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" optoin "
spell check

Spell mistake,Replace optoin with option

<optoin value="AL"> AL - Alabama</option>


<option value="AL"> AL - Alabama</option>

Do the same thing at all option tag

I'M an idiot. Sorry for posting this and wasting your time.

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