It's bit hard to pick-up the accents of a person unless you have visual of what race (background) of how that person look like.

I have not found that a person's race makes that big a deal as far as picking up their accent. It just takes careful listening. I have listened to a white man from Jamaica who sounds just like the black men I know from there.

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Welsh and English (fluently), passable Italian - but no weird tenses! Can make myself understood in French.

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I do have the ability/habit of picking up the accents of people I am listen to though.


I also have that affliction and it can be quite embarrassing at times. Once I was the butt of the jokes at the office after sending two hours on the phone with a guy from Scotland with a very heavy accent. I think in listening to their speech that I subconsciously pick their cadence through a positive re-enforcement feedback loop. The more that I sound like them, the more they understand me and we get more accomplished.

I think that the worst was when I was listening to German Language tapes the night before I went in for a dentist appointment and the receptionist ask me how long I had been in the US since I spoke English so well (I have a Germanic surname).

I just wish I could absorb languages like I do the accents of others speaking non-native English.

That stated, English only please.

@grammarisgooder, that is cool!

@Diafol - AND some afrikaans, I now for sure!!

For me, I can speak in any language you like. If you do not understand me, I know what I'm saying (normally at 02:00 in the morning at a party) :)

I wish that I had the opportunity to have been raised to be bilingual.

@Dani- I had made a reference to Spanglish earlier in this thread. I assume that term is not well known. What I meant was its a fusion of English and Spanish, especially common for American born of Cuban decsent.

There is no separation or translation in our heads so we may use words from either language in the same sentence, and a lot of hand movement. Alcohol makes it worse. Lol.

Romanian (main), English, French, a bit of Italian and Dutch.

I learned some Finnish while I was living there, but it's literally one of the most complicated language in the world
Hungarian, I've been told, is impossible to learn.

Both languages come from the same group of languages, some migrators from the Ural Mountains (wiki it).
Also, I know some words in Hungarian (maghyar), having a lot of them @my city and @my province.