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not one that I used anyway (but I've only used java professionally)

why do you need something like this anyway?


No, as you can always get the assembly. If you are worried about .NET, use Dotsfucator, though security through obscurity really isnt an issue...

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is there is any other language which is safe from decompiling

Better question: Why are you worried about decompiling?


There is not a specific reason for it. This is just for the sake of knowledge
As this came in my mind while discussing with my colleagues in office.
Thanks all of you for showing interest...


JVM bytecode is less decompilable than .NET bytecode. Machine code compiled from C++ or C decompiles into gibberish.

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everything can be decompiled into machine instructions, that's what the operating system does after all (and you can hook into the operating system and see exactly what it is doing) :)
Someone with an understanding can read those and figure out what is happening.

The only way to prevent decompilation completely is to not provide any executable code to the user.
This is what web applications do, all the business logic is executed on a server in a trusted environment.

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until you're hacked :)
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