Programming is in my blood. .. Programming is my religion.. Programming is my passion......Programming is my A-Z

Add your's feeling too......

Happy programming :)

I like programming, it is not some sort of obsession.

Obsession meaning:

An irrational motive for performing trivial or repetitive actions, even against your will
An unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone

Programming is not trivial to me. and i dont do anything which is against my will.
And for me , it is not compulsive. It is my PASSION.

So "obsession" is NOT the right word. (for me atleast) .

PS: And this is just a general post which i am typing now because i thought to express what is in my mind
Just like "What's in your mind?" option in facebook. (I think Daniweb should also add the option of posting status messages :) )

There is more chance of misinterpreting things when we are dealing with TEXT. We cant show our expressions (ofcourse smileys are there) in the perfect way. So Dont take my post as argument or reply to your post.
Its my personal feeling.

@harinath: I can very well understand your "passion" and "drive" or whatever word you like to call it for programming. (Btw IMHO, programming CAN be trivial or repetitive)
In my previous post, I expressed my "emotions", reading your OP.
As you said, it is impossible to express emotions in TEXT.
If we would meet in real life we would have eye contact and enough "feedback" to become good friends!
Happy programming! :o)

I once felt exactly like that about programming. It wasn't the big projects that always gave me that buzz, it was more often the smaller experimental programs. Y'know, what is the least amount of coding needed to accomplish such and such a thing.

Programs needed not only to be practical, but also an experience. So, you would try to make your program a pleasant experience too. I don't know anything you guys are talking about when you refer to interfacing with websites, or whatever you call it. But I do wonder what has happened to imagination when it comes to the numerous forums there are out there. If I still had the skills I once had, and had the power of computing there is both serverside and userside, I would want to do something very original.

Either the Internet pioneers are all out of steam, or locked away somewhere, but we could do with an injection of inspiration.

I'm not knocking Daniweb, it's a longstanding forum, like a listed building on the 'net. It would be difficult to change its infrastructure. No, I'm talking about these newer forums that are just a rehash of old stuff. they're not using, or they don't have, the great developer skills - the foremost being imagination - of times gone by. We once thought Steve Balmer was a lunaticfor his 'Developers' routine, but it would be so good for the 'net if up and coming programmers had that kinda fire in their bones again.

Programming is something I am into a lot! It is another skill I am developing to get into a good school.

It makes my application look better by the time I become a senior in highschool.

Lets see what I got as a highschool freshman:

  • Computers: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, C#, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Visual Basic

  • Sports: Varsity Track & Field, I got admitted into Varsity Basketball for next year, Varsity Football for next year.

  • Business: Stock Trader, Currency Trader

  • School: Straight A's in all 7 classes.

See how much better my application looks with computers in it? So at the time it is a passion that I am developing with intensity trying to make each day I practice it a masterpiece.

When I program I feel love, a love for what I do and what I study.
I am studying programming in college, and I feel like it's the link of what I am supposed to do and what I've been working my but off for. Programming makes me feel excited, and creative, and there's just soo many possibilites!!! And it gives you a bit of ownership and pride of knowing your program inside and out completely when all the user knows is "Hey! It works!"

Happy programming everyone, I know mine will be happy. :D

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I love programming because i very happy when i finish my project i feel like i getting better and better everyday and its more chalenging.

There are lots of programing language i want to study
and i dont know why i'm very excited with it.

maybe i born to become a programmer :D