What's new is in bold:

vodka - 3 parts
tomato juice - 5 parts
herbal tea from dried hibiscus & sage - 1 part
black pepper - 1-2 pinch
salt - 1-2 pinch
citric acid - 1 pinch (lemon juice is unavailable in my country)

What do you think about this?
I have not tasted it yet =)

PS: Lemons are sold here, but they are too expensive for me + I have not the juicer.

1 hour ago I bought a bottle (0.5L) of vodka and 2L of tomato juice (the herbal tea I made beforehand). And right now I've tasted my concoction. Seems it is Ok, especially when mixing it with listening to album "Sidewinder" (1963) by American jazz trumpeter Edward Lee Morgan (1938-1972). The superb album.

You could slice a lemmon in half and just squeeze it. All the lemon juice you want!
Taste four more and it will become more of a super, tasty, mega awesome, supurb drink!!!
Until the day after of course . . .
If I were you I should put in some icecubes.

ddanbe, =) I smell another admirer of Bloody Mary... =)

Right! That is I just like to drink plain tomato juice. But with a twist and a stick of celery so now and then it's even better of course!

They found each other =)
Btw, I hate anything sweet and never buy & keep the sugar in my house.
In other words, the screwdriver cocktail is not my choice.
Though, I'm afraid, it is a pretty good thing.

I had tasted Screwdriver.
It seemed to me it's more tasty and easier drinking than Bloody Mary
(though I used proportion vodka / o.j. = 1 / 4).

Btw, in Russia/Ukraine/Belarus it is a very wide-spread notion that
vodka is the best beverage in terms of harm for utensils, liver etc.
Wine, beer are considered here as much more harmful plonks.