So I got a new 550w 80plus Enermax PSU and a 1GB nVidia GTX 650 video card. I put it all in my HP Pavilion p6-2310 (hunk of junk) w/windows 8 x64 and closed it up. Two startups in a row I got a series of 6 long beeps. Other bootups I didn't get anything. Monitor still gets no signal, even when plugged in the old port(I've tried another monitor as well). All my disk drives are working, all the fans are running yet no luck.

I took the video card out and now I'm editing this article with this computer.

Any ideas as to where I've gone wrong?

*I have tried popping the CMOS out and back in again.
Thanks for any help!

You may need to edit your BIOS/UEFI settings to disable the onboard chip and enable the external adapter, or to tell it to use both. My guess is that it is set to only use the onboard chip so it is objecting to the "unknown" hardware. Since it won't boot with the nVidia card inserted into the system, I think you will need to boot into the BIOS and disable the on-board chip first. Then, if it boots, you may be able to set it to use both video adapters.

One other thing is power. The GTX650 is pretty power-hungry, so it is possible that there is not enough juice to run everything with the nVidia onboard.

The GTX 650 probably has a 6 pin power connector on it. Did you fit the 6 pin plug into it?

Actually you need 650 watt or 1000 watt smps for your gtx650 graphics card. And also you need to connect the power port correctly between power supply unit and graphics card.

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