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Yep. :)

Warburton - great player, not so great captain (doesn't play as well when captaining IMHO)

Farrell - wouldn't have made the squad were it not for his Dad (simply not mature enough on the field yet, even Biggar is better)

Wilkinson - leaving him out is a big mistake (he's fit, and in the best form of his life)

Stevens - really? how?

Hartley - ditto (Rory Best was the obvious choice here)

I could go on, but to be honest I don't care as Lions games are always crap - what is the total for the history of the tests? Lost 58, Won 50, Drawn 10. Hardly showcasing the best the northern hemisphere can muster, and if it is then we are doomed.


but to be honest I don't care as Lions games are always crap

I agree, but just a bit of banter with regard to selections.

I agree 100% with your 1st post with regard to the players. Well, other than the hilarious "bigger is better"! Wales have not had a tidy 10 since Jonathan Davies, and I rate Biggar well below Farrell.
Gatland has said that he really likes Aussie Hartley before.

WRT Robshaw WTF

I mentioned in the 6N thread that I thought he could miss out. Despite being England's best player, he's not good enough IMO. O'Brien and shock-inclusion Lydiate have him covered at 6. He's no 7, so Tipuric/Warbs have him there. He's not a natural 8, so Faletau/Heaslip no contest and Croft is a clever choice. I really feel sorry for him. If anybody from the England squad deserves to go, it's him. Mind you, if there's an injury, who would you take Robshaw or Ryan Jones (if fit)?


Lions Tour Australia

Why is it called the Tour Australia when their first game is in Hong Kong and is against the Baa-Baas

Is Barbarian F.C. part of the England team?

As you can see I'm not familiar with the teams. I'm already confused with Barbarian F.C.

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Why is it called the Tour Australia when their first game is in Hong Kong and is against the Baa-Baas

Lol, when i read that, i was quite confused myself lol.


Now looks like Wilkinson was offered a place but turned it down, said he didn't want to tour and thought it was best left to the young guys who deserve the experience. You know what. that Johnny is a sickeningly nice guy it seem - I bet he has a dark secret somewhere :)

Good point about Robshaw, just feel really sorry for him. The guy works so hard.

Don't get me wrong, I think Farrell has all the makings of a truly exceptional 10. He's just not there yet, by a long way. Mind you, I guess that's the Wilkinson thing: he will only evolve into what he has the potential to become by getting the experience that a Lions tour will bring. Or something.


The Baa-Baas team is not part of the England squad, the players are chosen from amongst British teams (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales) although there's traditionally one overseas 'up and comer' player in the sqaud as well.

It's an invitational side, only has a hadnful of show games each year.

Same pronblem as the Lions - in that it sounds good, lots of great individuals but no time to train properly as a team. End result is usually pretty poor rugby...


I have to say I love watching the BaaBaas. It produced arguably the best try in history against the All Blacks back in the 70s. But the point is well made about time to train together.


The Lions tour warms up against the Baa-Baas, before heading to Australia for the real games.

It's an exhibition game. It's good to know.

I have to say I love watching the BaaBaas.

Between the Lions against the Baa-Baas. I might have to say the edge goes to the Baa-Baas.


Why do you say that?


Why do you say that?

You mean why the Baa-Baas will beat the Lions?

Like what HG mention they play a couple of games a year and the players are 'up and comer' player.

I think it might be a close game. Don't know the players name but as long the game is good and close.

I mean both team have a month to prepare.

The game is 12 hours difference from Hong Kong to the states which is not bad it depends when the game starts.

The game is 9 hours difference from Hong Kong to the UK which is better.


Think of the Barbarians as the Lions Reserves. The team is made up of people who weren't considered good enough for Lions selection, after all. Of course, that could give them the motivation to prove the selectors wrong.


1977 Lions beat the BaaBaas 23-14 in Twickenham. I don't think they've played since.
By now the BaaBaas allow Southern Hemisphere players to play too.


Dylan Hartley sent off for abusing the ref. 11 week ban so he misses the Lions Tour. Best, will replace him. Perhaps Best should have been Choice #1 anyhow.

I thought Aussie Hartley may have been picked due to his nationality, but Gatland has spoken highly of him many times. Can't see why, but there you go. Lions will be glad he misbehaved when he did, not half-way through their tour. What an idiot. It's not as if he hasn't got history of being a tool either. He's been banned for eye-gouging and biting in the past.

Good news for Best, very pleased for him.


1977 Lions beat the BaaBaas 23-14 in Twickenham. I don't think they've played since.

I watch the game between Lions & BaaBaas. It was awful.

Lions beat the BaaBaas by the score 59 to 8. This is much worst than the 6N Tournament between the Wales & England.

I'm not sure why the crowds gets excited when either team scores.


It truly was awful. Not as bad as the Western Force debacle yesterday. WF have won 2 league games all year. They decided to rest a handful of their best players for the league game on Saturday - what so they can end up with 3 wins for the season?? WF have never been a strong side, so I wonder why they bother playing them at all. A total, total waste of time. If I was an ardent fan and I'd bought a ticket to watch that, I'd be livid.

Perhaps Saturday will be a better test. Little to interest the ambivalent supporter (me) so far.


If I was an ardent fan and I'd bought a ticket to watch that, I'd be livid.

These couple games are lopsided. I can see why fans will be livid by the scores.


Combined Country XV 0 - 64 Lions

Another pointless game. However the previous one:

Queensland Reds 12 - 22 Lions

Cracker - Reds had Lions on the ropes for long periods. Had to listen to it on the radio. Still can't get excited about Lions winning though. I was half hoping that the Reds would win.


First Test

Aus 21 - 23 Lions

Equally matched game - could have gone either way. First half scrummaging for Lions was incredible, then following substitutions, went all to hell. Vunipola and Dan Cole should not be used again. Also Mike Phillips was too slow and should make way for Youngs.

Big question mark over selecting Heaslip and Croft together - both a bit 'show-ponyish' - so one or tuther.

I though Halfpenny was amazing (again), but I'd give man of the match to Adam Jones shading Genia.

  1. Corbisiero [9/10] (sub. Vunipola)
  2. Youngs [8/10] (sub. Hibbard)
  3. Adam Jones [10/10] (sub. Cole)
  4. AW Jones [8/10] (sub. Parling)
  5. O'Connell [7/10]
  6. Croft [7/10] (sub. Lydiate)
  7. Warburton [7/10]
  8. Heaslip [7/10]
  9. Phillips [6/10] (sub. Youngs)
  10. Sexton [8/10]
  11. North [9/10]
  12. Davies [8/10]
  13. O'Driscoll [7/10]
  14. Cuthbert [7/10]
  15. Halfpenny [9/10]

Nervous stuff from the Lions, they'll have to step it up by next week if they want to win.


Third and deciding test

Aus 16 : 41 Lions

See it here if you missed it - what a cracking game of rugby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xQFAZ0GwEc

The coach, Gatland came in for a battering for leaving out the darling of the Lions squad, Brian O'Driscoll. The result throws some vindication his way, although some will argue that due to the forward power, you could have put a donkey in a No.13 and they still would have won. Who knows. Halfpenny - man of the series. No doubt there. I was well impressed with the props, Corbisiero and Adam Jones, who for me, were the stand-out players along with Falatau. Hibbard killed George Smith in the first 10 - which effectively nullified their possession machinery and left O'Brien to clean up. Parling was outstanding and made an amazing last ditch tackle. Lydiate was awesome as usual and Jamie Roberts probably had his best game for a couple of years. Phillips had another shocker, but thankfully Conor Murray replaced him in plenty of time. Alun Wyn Jones was an amazing captain and led from the front - I've always liked him, but that performance was world-class. The wings went well. I've never cheered on the Lions before, but the my jaw was on the floor with the display of power in the scrums and the tries.

The 6N will be a cracking contest this year, especially if you're one of those up-themselves Welsh. :)

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