I don't know where this can go or even if there is someone here that can help so bear with me.

I am creating a PDF document for my manager that's a combination of PDF files as well as Excel files. The Excel files contain data sets and all I do for them is a simple Save As which is no problem. However, one of the files, after the save, converts its data set into 3 PDF pages where as another file, with a different but similar in size data set is converted to one PDF page. Does anyone here know how I can make the 3 page data set into 1 in the PDF?

We have Acrobat 9 Pro at work and I find it to be useful but difficult to layout tables from Excel. I did an extra step to make this work. I copied the data set from Excel into a word document, except I changed it's format from an Excel object to a picture, which shrunk the table down to an acceptable size. I then converted the Word document to PDF and now all is good in my hood. Thanks for the link though mattster, I'm going to look into that for my home pc.