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So in my work, I create an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has cells with hyperlinks in them. When clicked on, the user is taken to another cell within the spreadsheet. Sort of like an anchor.

So I was reading on the web that there are no free PDF Printers that can print from Excel to PDF and maintain hyperlink functionality. So I got Adobe Acrobat Pro 7, and when I try to create a PDF from my Excel workbook, the links still aren't activated.

At first, I tried creating a PDF from a workbook with page breaks I had set out. But Acrobat said it couldn't maintain hyperlinks if page breaks were present in the workbook, so I removed the page breaks and Acrobat is still not creating a PDF with active links.

How can I overcome this? Is there an option I should enable in Acrobat?

Thanks for any help!

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I found a way to do it if you don't mind loosing your page breaks.

1. From Excel, save the active worksheet as an HTML file, this will create a file one page long (HTML does not care about page breaks set up in Excel).

2. Using Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro, use the Web capture feature to capture the HTML file just created from Excel, the resulting PDF file will have the active hyperlinks, but the breaks may not occur where you want them.

3. You will also notice some headers and footers in the PDF, if you go back to your browser and set the page printing preferences not to include these and recapture the html file from Adobe Acrobat Pro, you should get a clean pdf file.

A bit crude, but it works....


Also I tried it in EXCEL and printed it to ADOBE.PDF as my printer driver and it kept my hyperlink that you see above.
1. I opened a blank Book.xls.
2. Then I went to INSERT menu and clicked HYPERLINK added my link.
3. Using Adobe Acrobat CS3 I used the PRINT command and selected ADOBE.PDF
4. It printed a PDF with the hyperlink above and launched the file from the internet and opened the PDF.

TA DA all done.

hi there
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To keep the hyperlinks that Excell contains, I did not print in PDF nor in HTML but I save the document in PDF (File > Save as > PDF).

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