well im looking for a dribbble invite for some reason is there anyone willing to help me i need an invite and if your not giving it could you sell it to me?

How does that relate to your original statement? After looking at your link I still don't know what that site is telling me. Maybe that's why it's named "dribble" -- just a lot of random stuff??

im asking you to sell me a dribbble invite
to be a member on dribbble you have to be invited
if you look at the site im a prospect waiting to be drafted
it seems you arent on dribbble are you?

it seems you arent on dribbble are you?

No, never herd of it.

Dribbble is an exclusive 'design' club. You have to be exclusively invited by someone already on there. Those invites are like gold and are rare, occasionly some members hold contests for an invite. There's a few internet sites that do them.

Call something "exclusive" and soon everyone wants in. Ain't marketing wonderful.

Remember the exclusive men's only clubs? The only one I know of that still exists in the US is the Presidents of US -- not one of them is a woman.