What would be the spec of your dream PC and why?

Depends on what you want to use it for. If all you want is a computer to browse the internet and get email then it doesn't really matter what computer you have. If you want to play high-end games then you need a computer with a lot of horsepower.

I had my son build mine about 13 months ago just before Diablo 3 was released. It has AMD 8-core 3600 MhZ processor, 16 gig RAM, 3 hard drives (total 5T) and running Windows 7 Ultimate. I use one of the external hard drives to store movies that I ripped so that I can watch them on my TV which is also connected to the internet.

A few months ago I bought my granddaughter a Microsoft Surface to use in college. It's nicer than a laptop mainly because the keyboard makes no noise, so she can use it during lectures. She seems to like it quite a bit.

I like amd, they get so much hate but I like them because they offer great value for money, I have the AMD 6100 in mine running with the ATi 7770, it's a great machine, and I doubt many i5 rigs could out-perform it.

They may reduce the price a bit if you buy them in bulk...

I wish I had the kind of extra money to buy one, let alone more than one, lol. The price is a little extreme for this though. You could build it yourself of a bit cheaper than what they are charging. But if I was rich and I was going to have someone build my computer for me, Digital Storm would most likely be who I went to. They are top notch.

There's an old English saying, "A fool and his money are soon parted". :-D

That saying is not referencing to you. There's little said about its specifications that I can see, but even so, even if it is worth every penny or cent then the user will never experience its potential.

My current workstation at home is 5 1/2 years old - I had it built by a local white-box vendor to my exact specs. It is still near to state-of-the-art. Intel server/workstation mobo, dual 3GHz quad-core processors, 8GB ECC RAM (I would add more if building one today, but it still is enough for my use), hot-swappable 320GB system drive, 4x500GB data drives (and more now), nVidia 8800GT video w/ dual 1920x1200 HD displays, dual CD/DVD RW drives. I run Scientific Linux 6.4 on it right now (a clone of RHEL 6.4) and run Windows, Solaris, QNX, and FreeDOS in virtual machines (VirtualBox). I also use it for embedded ARM kernel development using a gnueabi tool chain and an Qemu ARM emulator.

It cost me about $5K to build originally - much less than the comparable Apple Mac Pro that I was considering. Not cheap, I know, but consider what I got for that - 8 3GHz cores, 8GB RAM, 2.3TB disc, dual HD displays, dual DVD burners, keyboard, and trackball/mouse, along with the tower enclosure and 1KW power supply. And I haven't even cranked up the GPU floating point processors as yet (I think there are 128 or so of them)! :-)

Wow, I'm just imagining how smoothly Tetris would run on that... :-D