i just learnt that code school is giving away free hall passes.
i got in through a coursemate's distributed pass on coursera's forum.

this is my pass , i thought id share it here if anyone is interested in getting an all access pass to code school.


ps: each pass gets you 2 days of free access , and if someone activates from my pass , i get 2 more days. extendable upto 30 days max. a little help here would be nice :)
thanks :)

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IMHO, there are a lot of better ways to learn to program then watching video tutorials, but then .. that's just me.
what I do wonder is, why do you post this here? I don't see anything Java related on CodeSchool.com


well , i wanted to see the courses offered there for a long time , got a pass today , so i was a bit elated you can say.

i agree maybe this wasnt the best place to post it. but then again , i felt somebody might find it useful. hence i posted to daniweb. why the java forum , well i got a bit carried away perhaps... and didnt know in which forum to post to...
if the morderators do feel that it might help somebody , may be they could shift it to some other forum.

i hope this wasnt too much of a nuisance...

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