Hi comrades. I am new to VB6 and I have a problem. I would like to develop a programme that generates a school timetable. The school is three steamed from form one to form four. Some subjects are optional. I am ashamed to repot that I have been thinking of how this programme can work for weeks now in vain. Please assist me. thanks.

You'll have to be more descriptive as I'm not sure what three steamed from form one to form four means.

Well, I do think you might want to reconsider.
1)There are already lots of these programs around.
2)VB6 doesn't cut it anymore. Why?
3)I have coded and sold a program like this coded in vb3,vb4,vb5,vb6 and now rewriting it in vb.net. You are looking at 20000 lines of code, depends how efficient your program should be. If you are on your own you are looking at one year of coding - in vb6, you are wasting your time. If you want tro look at my manual I will posted here.

commented: At least you know what he/she means. +5

Stuugie, i mean that the school has four different levels i.e form 1, form 2,...
Each form learners use three different rooms.
Minimalist, I would really like to develope this programme. I need your help and advice