Why don't we just give bogus code to people asking for us to do their homework? ;)
I mean, it'd really teach them a lesson when their tutor/teacher/lecturer talks to them about their code...


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Although that's hell of a temptation, unfortunately it could have wide ranging effects. The forum is public and other visitors could get thwacked with such a post. Collateral damage, I think they call it. Also, as a mod, I'd be placing DW in a very bad light if I did such a thing. :( The devil's whispering in my left ear as we speak! "Do it...you know you want to..."

Trouble is for most members, once you've gone past the 30 min post period, you can't edit. It's also very rare that you'd be allowed to delete it, if it started causing embarrassment or a torrent of neg reps and downvotes. Your standing in the community could suffer somewhat - perhaps I'm being alarmist with that, but I think the best course of action would either be to ignore them or point them to a tutorial or official manual link. If it's really stupid, like "give me the codez" - then a quick polite statement should suffice.

Thing is, we want to encourage visitors not alienate them. A first time poster, for example may not realise that they've made a faux pas, and not be aware of forum etiquette. Far from being an 'ignorant, lazy, cheeky oik', they may actually be mortified to find that they'd made such an error (of judgement?) and go on to become a regular and valued contributor.

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I'm sure I'm much older than you. I assure you that those individuals in life that constantly try cutting corners either get nowhere or if they do its temporary.

Life will eventually teach them hard lessons...


Sometimes I do, usually I don't have to because some other kid has already done it for me in the mistaken impression he was handing an actual solution.


"Teach them how to fish", I think the saying goes. :-)

In Africa every 60 seconds a minute passes.

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In Africa every 60 seconds a minute passes.

Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday, and in just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.

There, you've just got me in trouble with the Mod's for going off topic again. ;-)

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